Reach out to @Will Da Silva or @Edgar Ramírez in slack with questions relating to this Guild.


  • The Meltano core codebase in the meltano/meltano repository along with any related bug reports, feature requests, technical debt, or community or community support needs, with the exception of code specific to meltano cloud subcommands.
  • CI/CD workflows and code standards for Meltano core.
  • The Meltano core release process, excepting specific release processes for the Meltano Cloud CLI.
  • The content of the Meltano docs, along with frameworks, code, and processes used to generate and publish them, with the exception of any Cloud-specific docs found under the cloud/ directory or CLI reference docs specific to the Meltano Cloud CLI.
  • Hosting of Meltano core docs at along with associated monitoring and alerting.