Release Process

The process below applies to both Meltano and then SDK, unless otherwise noted.

Evergreen Release Process

We are always releasing, and we aim to have an evergreen release process, handling the operational release and marketing work simultaneously while performing development.

The Release Checklist

All release steps are documented in the Gitlab issue template, and a new Release checklist issue should be created each time one is closed.

In either the SDK or Meltano project on Gitlab, begin a new issue and select the Release template from the dropdown options.


The release schedule is determined by Product and Marketing. The Engineering team aims to always be ready to ship, with sufficient automation and documentation in place to allow anyone in the company to perform the role of Release Manager.

Rotating Release Managers

We have a sliding window of Release Manager role within the Engineering team, with the prior Release Manager oncall to support the next Release Manager. If issues arise or a second opinion is needed during release, the last person who ran the release process will perform this supporting function for the next.


Regular releases get a minor version bump (1.1.0 -> 1.2.0). Releases that only address regressions introduced in the most recent release get a patch version bump (1.2.0 -> 1.2.1).

Version Bump Processes

The Meltano and the SDK version bump processes are documented in the Release issue templates. No further actions are needed besides what is listed in the checklist.