We have four types of partners, tagged as such in HubSpot:

  1. “Consultancy”, e.g. Brooklyn Data Co. These are listed on and owned by Douwe.
  2. “Built with Meltano”, e.g. Matatika. These are owned by Product/Taylor
  3. “Component Vendor”, e.g. Lightdash. These are owned by Product/Taylor.
  4. “Singer Working Group”, e.g. Talend/Stitch. These are owned by Engineering.

Partners typically get a private Slack channel named partner-<name>.

Adding New Partners

Partners can sign up via the Meltano Partner Submission form.

When a new partner signs up, Douwe follows these steps:

  • Add new partner to the website by following these instructions.
  • Optionally create a private partner-<name> Slack channel and invite meltano-team and the partner’s people.
  • On the partner’s HubSpot profile, set “Partner Type” and “Slack URL” as appropriate.