Sales intelligence and lead management solution that streamlines contact search, market research, lead conversion, data importing, etc.


A shared login is stored in the Marketing-contractors 1Pass vault.


Meltano currently uses the free plan.

  • 50 credits/month
  • Email Addresses
  • Cell Phones
  • Real-time search engine
  • Enterprise Security and Compliance*
  • Export download
  • Basic Integrations*

Support features:

  • Self-serve Knowledge Base
  • Email support (Support times active between 9 AM - 5 PM ET Monday through Friday)


Setting up Preferences and your Ideal Customer Profile(ICP)


  • What are the top titles you sell to? data engineer, software engineer, data architect, solutions architect
  • What are the top titles you sell to? Higher Education, Financial Services, Computer Software, Retail, Hospital & Healthcare
  • What are the top company sizes you sell to? 201-500, 501-1,000, and 1,001-5,000 employees
  • What departments do you sell to? Engineering, IT, Operations

Gong alerts ON

In-app notifications

Show Gong alerts ON

Chrome Extension

Download the Chrome extension

Use the Chrome extension while navigating B2B websites and search for prospects that match your ideal customer profile. Send their contact information directly to HubSpot.



Universal settings

Set and lock org-wide.

  • Owner: Douwe Maan email
  • Default HubSpot contact list: Seamless.AI ICP contact import list
  • Total AI Threshold/Limit on Contact Imports: 50
  • will automatically create accounts for contacts if they don’t already exist in HubSpot.
  • Auto-import NO
  • Import without a valid email address NO
  • Use Hubspot auto-generated companies for contacts YES
  • Fill Blank Contact Phone with Company Phone NO
  • Fill Blank Contact Location with Company Location YES

Import mappings

Set and lock org-wide.

Account/Company Object Field HubSpot Field Overwrite*
Website website No
Website domain domain No
Phone phone No

*Please note: that changing Overwrite to Yes will allow to overwrite HubSpot fields.

Contact Object Field HubSpot Field Overwrite
First Name firstname No
Last Name lastname No
Title jobtitle No
Company Name company No
Contact Phone phone No
Business Email email No
Website website No automatically recommends contacts and companies based on the ideal contact preferences in settings.

Use the search filters to further segment your search by senoirity, department, technologies, location, etc. You can search for contacts or companies. You can also save a search to review later.


Please note: only 50 credits per month allowed under the free plan.

Importing Contacts or Leads to your Hubspot CRM