Compensation for each role is a combination of salary, equity, and benefits.


The salary for a role is determined using market data from Option Impact that takes into account the stage of our company (Seed Funding Only), the industry we’re in (Enterprise), and the level of the role (Junior, Intermediate, Senior, etc).

Where you work from is also a factor. We aim to pay highly competitively (at the top or above market) everywhere by dividing the world up into a limited number of regions, and using this same market data to determine a salary that is competitive in the entire region.

Specifically, we determine the lower and upper bounds for regional salaries by taking the top-of-the-market (75th-90th percentile) salaries for the role in San Francisco, and multiplying them with a region-specific factor that is determined by comparing the SF salaries with salaries in the region’s major cities (that represent its top-of-the-market).

For roles at the Head/Director level and up, we pay US salaries regardless of the region, as the top-of-the-market talent pool at these levels is relatively small and as a result regional differences in salary are as well.


As an early-stage company, we expect every team member to have a huge impact on our success. We want to make sure that everyone has a financial stake in the success and that contributions are rewarded.

The equity (stock options) for a given role and level is determined using the same market data used for the salary, but there is no difference between regions and the San Francisco benchmark is used wherever you are based.

Specifically, we divide the 75th percentile Gross Equity Value by the latest valuation of the company to determine the appropriate ownership percentage, which is then multiplied by the total number of shares to determine the number of options to be granted.

Options vest monthly over 4 years, with a 1-year cliff. Early exercise is allowed in countries where this has potential tax benefits, like the US.


See the page on Benefits.