Marketing Handbook

Welcome to Meltano marketing.

Weekly Community Activities

The Meltano convenes regularly to generate content for community and learning purposes.

These items include:

  • Weekly Kickoff: Livestream each Monday covering what will be worked on during the week
  • Office Hours: Community meeting for discussion about upcoming features and general Q&A
  • Demo Day: Community meeting every other Thursday showing off what has shipped, demonstrated by each authoring participant as available
  • Meltano / SDK Release: the actual software release, which generates a changelog, version number, and all of the previous content for the week

Each item (linked below) has a corresponding guide to promoting that activity. Each week should roughly follow the following content schedule:

Day Content
Monday Kickoff blog & promotion, Monday release blog & promotion
Tuesday Social promotion of weekly activity
Wednesday Social promotion of weekly activity
Thursday Thursday release blog & promotion, weekly newsletter
Friday Demo day blog & promotion

Meltano is ELT for the DataOps era: open source, self-hosted, CLI-first, debuggable, and extensible.

Pipelines are code, ready to be version controlled, containerized, and deployed continuously. Develop and test locally, then deploy in production along with the built-in Airflow integration, or inside your orchestrator of choice.

Meltano embraces the Singer standard and its community-maintained library of open source extractors and loaders, and leverages dbt for transformation.

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