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Marketing Handbook

Welcome to Meltano marketing.

Weekly Community Activities

The Meltano convenes regularly to generate content for community and learning purposes.

These items include:

  • Office Hours: Community meeting for discussion about upcoming features and general Q&A
  • Demo Day: Community meeting every other Thursday showing off what has shipped, demonstrated by each authoring participant as available
  • Meltano / SDK Release: the actual software release, which generates a changelog, version number, and all of the previous content for the week

Each item (linked below) has a corresponding guide to promoting that activity. Each week should roughly follow the following content schedule:

Day Content
Monday Release blog & promotion
Tuesday Social promotion of weekly activity
Wednesday Social promotion of weekly activity
Thursday Thursday release blog & promotion, weekly newsletter
Friday Demo day blog & promotion

Meltano is the infrastructure for the modern data stack that enables you to install, configure, manage, and deploy the tools of your choice, such as Singer, dbt, Airflow, Great Expectations, with Lightdash and Superset. Meltano also natively offers software engineering best practices to the stack by version controlling everything, enabling cross-pluging runs and testing, and isolated environments for dev and prod.


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