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Given our limited resources we take an objective first approach to all our digital campaigns. We lead by setting objectives and what we need to achive and plan from there. What we put out we aim to be able to measure and refine over time.

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The Meltano marketing website and blog are run through WordPress. All entities are managed by the Meltano marketing team.

A copy accuracy audit is performed on the site quarterly to ensure we share the latest information on Metlano and that the site is as optimized as possible.

Suggesting Changes to the Marketing Site

  • Open an issue (in internal-marketing) outlining desired change and reason for the change.
  • Assign to Douwe for triage
  • We may submit follow up questions for scoping purposes Note that not all changes will be able to be made due to testing or SEO purposes, but we are open to suggestions.

If we changes are substantial (more than a sentence or two), we need you to use the guide below for net new pages and sections.

Adding Net New Pages or Sections to the Marketing Site

Only those with full admin access can add pages. While adding pages is much easier on WP than starting from scratch, it does that substantive work to build a new page from scratch. All new pages need to have a copy doc (see template) associated with them where we can collaborate on layout and copy. The process is as follows:

  • Start an issue (in internal-marketing) and include:
    • What is the purpose of this page- desired outcomes
    • What will the lead flow be? Where will it be linked from? how will people end up here or find it?
    • Will this page replace an existing page or be net new?
    • And Relevant copy, links, designs, videos… (need all source materials)
    • Will this page require custom partwork or modules to be created?
    • Does this page require a form fill?
    • What will the main CTA?
    • Desired go-live timeline?
  • Note if we have to create copy, outline, and design from scratch the page will take much longer to go live.

GDPR and privacy

Coming soon

Product Messaging Statements

On updates of the product messaging the following places will need to be updated:

  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • instagram
  • The README on Github meltano/hub
  • The README on GitHub meltano/meltano
  • The README on Github meltano/sdk
  • For all GitHub repositories: The description! (righthand side, currently only the meltano repo has the tag line in it)
  • The GitHub Meltano organization (also carries a description with the tagline)