Shared Calendars

  • Community Meetings Calendar - Meetings open to the community
  • Team Meetings: Meetings with the team
    • Kick off: Weekly on Monday, owned by Douwe
  • External Meetings: Meetings with users and partners
  • Time Off: All-day events for periods team members will not be working

Tracking Time Off

Use PTO by Roots to add time off to the calendar, preferably at least 2 weeks before the day off. Holidays, Family and Friend Days, and Paid Time Off (PTO) are all tracked via this tool. It is important for everyone to add time off to the calendar in advance so the team knows who will be out when and can plan accordingly.

Short-term Leave

In PTO by Roots, there are several options for indicating time off. When taking a vacation, personal time, etc., use the “Paid Time Off” option type in the “Short-term leave” list. You may optionally indicate what the OOO is for as a way for your manager, co-workers, and the community to better understand your availability.

If you or a family member you care for is ill, use the “Out Sick” option type in the “Short-term leave” list.

For Public Holidays, use the “Public Holidays” option type and indicate the holiday in the description field.

Family and Friends days are considered PTO and should be indicated using the “Paid Time Off” option. If your PTO includes a Family and Friends Day, there is no need to create a separate event for the day.

Long-term Leave

Extended leave should be indicated using the available options in OOO type listing. Be sure to coordinate with your manager as you plan to take this time off.