Meltano Timeline

Meltano started in 2018 as an open source tool built for GitLab's data and analytics team. There was a need for an end-to-end data platform built around open source components and DevOps principles, thus Meltano was born.

Since then, we've spun out into our own company to carry this mission forward. This page serves as a living timeline of our history.


April 27

First commit made to Meltano repository.

November 6

First release of Meltano!


October 7

Meltano 1.0 released.


May 13

Meltano relaunches to focus on ELT.


April 5

The Meltano SDK for Singer taps is released.

April 23

Meltano's Slack community reaches 1,000 users.

June 1

MeltanoHub is launched.

June 30

Meltano spins out of GitLab.

July 24-29

The first Meltano Assemble takes place in Mexico City, Mexico.

Meltano Melty dragon in white on a purple background

October 5

Melty debuts as the Meltano mascot.

October 13

MeltanoLabs is launched.

October 14

Singer Working Group is launched!