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Community Support Tools

We currently have no SLAs for support but try to respond within 24 business hours across each channel.


Slack is our primary way of providing support for the community and most channels redirect folks to Slack to get help.


Intercom is currently embeded on Users can message us here to receive support and are encouraged to join Slack instead of using Intercom. At some point Intercom will be used for lead gen instead.


ZenDesk mostly gets transactional emails. Some exceptions are:

  • Job applicants get assigned to Douwe Maan if there’s no role in Greenhouse. We should redirect folks to apply to the generic role in Greenhouse as much as possible.
  • Transactional emails get deleted or marked as solved.
    • Emails about WordPress plugin updates get marked as “Solved” so that we have a paper trail of changes if something breaks on the blog.
    • Emails about changes to domains get marked as “Solved” so that we have an audit trail.
    • Emails from Netlify about our available minutes running out get deleted because Netlify will automatically add more minutes if we run out.
    • Emails with invoices are marked as solved. Make sure Accounts Payable is CCed on these and if not forward them to Reb.
  • Marketing emails/newsletters are deleted on a case by case basis or assigned to Emily Kyle.

Community Management Tools

We’re piloting a few things and these tools are subject to change.


We’re trialing Orbit as a community CRM and activity tracker. We’re limited to 3 seats so there’s a generic login located in 1Password. You can find our workspace here.


We’re trialing Dots as another community CRM tool. Currently only Amanda Folson has access to this.


There are several champions within the community that have been recognized for their contributions and support. These folks are tagged in Orbit with “champion” for now.

User Interviews

Occasionally we’ll do user interviews to gather product/docs feedback. These interviews should be added to HubSpot.

If users share an observation about Meltano’s performance and benefits, write down what they say (verbatim) and ask them for permission to use the quote, whether fully attributed or “blinded.” If you hear use case stories, ask if we might be able to interview them and share their story.