Support Handbook

Slack Support

Support on Slack is primarily provided by the community, but we strive to answer all questions within 1 business day. The #support Slack channel is where Meltano team members can request support from the wider team. If you see a support request that needs an assist, please share the relevant Slack thread in this channel.


  • The DevRel team checks #troubleshooting, #getting-started, #contributing, and #support in the morning to see if there are unanswered questions we can help with.
  • Questions that require engineering support are dropped into #support and a subject matter expert (SME) is tagged. If a SME isn’t known, tag @meltano-engineering.
  • Once a request has been handled please add a ✅ emoji to the thread to let the team know that it’s covered.
  • If the issue is related to our docs (or lackthereof) please open an issue or a PR to address the issue.


Emails to forward to HubSpot so they can be triaged, assigned, and managed. These are currently routed to @Douwe Maan.

Responsible Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities

Emails to also forward to HubSpot, and are automatically assigned the Security Issue category. As documented in our Responsible Disclosure Policy, we will acknowledge receipt of a vulnerability report the next business day and strive to send the reporter regular updates about our progress.

HubSpot Live Chat

The website is set up with live chat powered by HubSpot. Live chats are piped into #support on Slack and can be replied to within a thread. These are currently routed to @Douwe Maan. We try to respond to these within 1 business day.

GitHub Issues/PRs

The DevRel team tries to respond to issues and PRs created by the community within 24 hours. New PRs and issues across Meltano projects are posted to #meltano-repo-activity, #hub-repo-activity, and #sdk-repo-activity while Singer ecosystem are posted to #singer-ecosystem-activity on Slack. There is no SLA on Singer ecosystem issues and PRs, but we try to respond when there’s something we think we can assist with.


  • The DevRel team checks #meltano-repo-activity, #hub-repo-activity, and #sdk-repo-activity in the morning to see if there are new issues or PRs without a response.
  • Thank the user for their contribution and let them know that someone on the team will review it shortly.
  • Drop a link to the issue or PR in #engineering-chatter for triage and review.