Meltano is developed completely in the open on GitLab: Our issue tracker, epics, and weekly milestones can be found there as well.

To get an idea of what the team and community are currently working on, check out the upcoming milestone’s Development Flow board.

If you’d like to look further into the future, the Milestones board has a column for each upcoming weekly milestone.

Be aware that issue milestones serve more as a rough indication of relative priority than as hard deadlines, since short-term priorities can change quickly in response to community feedback, and it’s hard to predict how much progress can be made in a week. Also note that issues labeled flow::To Do have higher priority and are more likely to be completed in a given week than those labeled flow::Triage, which are often moved to the next milestone at the end of the week, with issues already scheduled for the next week pushed out to make room for them.

Below you will found our current roadmap. Each item should link to an Epic with the relevant issue linked to that epic. As this projects out into the future it is subject to change based on feedback. Don’t see something you want on the roadmap? Make an issue and let us know!

These efforts are the foundation of our larger vision to enable a full DataOps OS. To learn more about our strategy around the DataOps OS, check out this blog post.

How to think about the roadmap

The goal of this roadmap is to give clarity into what we’ve prioritized for the current month and the next 3 months after that. Beyond 4 months we share the general themes we’re thinking about. These will usually link to specific epics or issues.

January 2022

  • Composable Meltano Pipelines - Epic
  • Enhance dbt integration - Epic
  • Discovery.yml refactor and Hub synchronization - Epic
  • Documentation Overhaul - Epic
  • Add Great Expectations as an installable plugin - Issue
  • Support non-Python plugins - Issue
  • Telemetry Enhancements for Meltano, Meltano SDK, and MeltanoHub - Epic

The next 3 months

  • Enhance Airflow integration - Epic
  • Add Lightdash and Superset as Analyzers - Epic
  • Release v1.0 of Meltano SDK - Epic
  • Add Fast Sync / BATCH Messages to Meltano SDK - Epic
  • Add Dagster as an Orchestrator - Epic & Issue
  • UI Improvements and Parity - Issue
  • Python-based Plugin Architecture - Epic

Future themes

  • Add Pluggable Log / Metadata Shipping for Observability Enhancement - Issue & Epic
  • Support Secrets Backends Natively -Issue
  • Add support for OpenMetadata observability - Epic & Issue