Data Handbook

Domains and Responsibilities

The data team sits within the Product organization so the primary responsibility is to use data to inform product decisions. A secondary responsibility of the team is to provide insights into the health of the business and open source ecosystem around it.

Code and Repository Ownership

The data team is responsible for the following code bases:

  • squared - An internal Meltano project that is used for dogfooding the product while also serving as the primary data platform for the team.
  • snowplow-infra - The infrastructure-as-code for the data team’s Snowplow instance, used for collecting telemetry data.
  • MeltanoLabs - The GitHub project that houses code under the shared ownership model. Currently this includes Singer Connectors, dbt packages, and Meltano Plugins. @Pat Nadolny is the point of contact for MeltanoLabs. The following is a list of repos in the MeltanoLabs project that we are either primary maintainers on or we use and contribute to them:

    Primary Maintainers:

    Contribute to and use:

Data Office Hours

Every Wednesday following community office hours the data team will host data office hours for the Meltano team to ask question, discuss, and troubleshoot anything related to the Squared data platform or company metrics/KPIs in general.

Data VPN Enrollment

To gain access to the Meltano data VPN used for Meltano Squared, contact @Pat Nadolny or @Ken Payne (or @meltano-engineering if they are unavailable) on the Meltano Slack to request access. They will follow the steps outlined in the Meltano Squared VPN readme to create an OpenVPN configuration file for you. Because this file will contain your private keys for the VPN, the file will be encrypted before it is sent to you.